I enjoy working throughout design processes from 0 to 1

Depending on the project’s needs, I feel comfortable collaborating across disciplines – from strategizing and researching to iterating through designs and coding HTML/CSS alongside engineers.

Whether as an IC or manager, I lead with empathy and curiosity

To me, these traits are crucial to understanding users' perspectives and problems, and they're the key to optimally collaborating and iterating through solutions with teammates and stakeholders.

I've been lucky to work in fields I'm passionate about

In 9+ years I've designed for digital media, creative agencies and a solar fintech company. The work I'm proudest of has advanced causes I care about, such as community journalism or clean energy.

Growing up in the Pine Tree State

I'm from a Stephen King-esque small town in Maine. Even though I'm a city guy now, I still have a lot of fondness for forests, mountains, the ocean and the nature I was lucky enough to grow up close to.

When I'm not designing, I'm... designing

One of my favorite hobbies is creating digital art, most of which is text-based and inspired by music. I'm building a page to showcase them, but in the meantime you can view one of my animated pieces.

If I could recommend a recent film and book...

Past Lives – My parents only watch action movies so I tricked them into seeing this by telling them it's about time travelers. By the time they realized my ruse they were already crying (in a good way).

The Great Transition – I'm biased because I love books written by fellow Mainers, but this story of a near-future society ravaged by climate change is a perfect balance of harrowing and hopeful.

Want to see my work?

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